Corporate Career Areas

Whatever your ambitions, Nissan's size, scope and global reach can help you to take your career to the next level. Nissan careers offer a diverse range of opportunities. And they all start here.

Product Development


Innovation is hard won. It starts with a single vision. But to bring it to life, you need the talents of a vast array of Research and Development (R&D), Design and Product Planning experts who are passionate about achieving a positive final result. That's where you come in.

What's unique about Product Development careers at Nissan is the rich diversity of technical challenges you'll find within our global network and our alliance with Renault, not to mention the rapid pace with which we implement new thinking and adapt to change. With a career in R&D at Nissan, you'll contribute to a diverse team of Engineers, covering all aspects of vehicle and powertrain design and development. You can count on making an impact on the business at the regional level, while interacting with colleagues at multiple Nissan R&D sites around the world.

As a member of our international Design team, you'll thrive in an open environment that is a driving force of our business strategy. Our worldwide creative network of five design studios will provide you with the chance to work alongside designers, modelers and support staff who are nothing less than the engines of our innovations.

Joining a world-class Product Planning team that's always ready for new ideas, you'll get involved in a wealth of next-generation projects. If you're ready to challenge the status quo, we can empower you to meet it head on with our leading-edge technology.

If you're compelled to contribute to the most innovative automotive brands and designs on the market today, bring your expertise to our dynamic Product Development careers today. Join us.

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Manufacturing, Engineering And Supply Chain Management


Next-generation car Manufacturing, Production Engineering, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) careers are all possible today at Nissan. Our professional team is ready to deliver on our goals of enhancing quality and zero-emission leadership.

At Nissan, you can cover a lot of ground in an environment that offers truly global opportunities with brands like Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun, and even cross-company projects through our alliance with Renault.

With a Nissan Manufacturing career, you'll work with some of the most advanced clean room technology in the automotive industry and collaborate with colleagues in other departments to meet the needs of over 20 manufacturing companies in 16 different countries. To do this, all plants operate a global standard production system called the Nissan Production Way (NPW).

Our Production Engineers at Nissan are responsible for the complete manufacturing process, from generating new product manufacturing feasibility studies and understanding design concept sheets, to manufacturing the product at the optimum quality, cost and delivery. Together, they're helping lead the charge for delivering maximum quality through the most efficient means.

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals support the delivery of a diverse product range, including over 60 different models to car dealers in over 191 countries and territories worldwide. This is a dynamic department that deals with complex supply chains and responds to volatile demand patterns. The role of SCM is key for ensuring we can deliver on our aim of having the "RIGHT car, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT place" for every customer.

Whether you aspire to grow your skills with one of the global leaders in agile, objective-driven motor manufacturing or master one of world's most innovative and complex supply chains, you are sure to find the right challenge with a career at Nissan. Join us.

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Keeping one of the world's automotive leaders stocked and ready to roll new cars off the production line is no small challenge. Purchasing careers at Nissan offer a unique chance to work in a global team — Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO), the Alliance's largest common organization. We know the power of purchasing is at the heart of our goal to drive unmatched quality in every vehicle and unmatched performance for every customer.

Purchasing careers at Nissan encompass managing and sourcing parts from the design concept stage through to mass production, as well as optimizing the performance of a global supply base.

Other tasks include the procurement of production parts, overall responsibility for supplier management and development, overseeing production preparation, and providing technical support to one of our key business partners, our suppliers, just to name a few.

If you're driven by details and know how to gain traction for every project, a Nissan Purchasing career could be the perfect fit for you. Join us.

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Quality Assurance


Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS). That's what we call our Quality Assurance careers at Nissan, because we constantly strive to achieve total satisfaction for every Nissan customer.

TCS is a dynamic cross-functional team that covers many functions, including quality strategy & management, warranty, field quality, recall campaigns and new model validation.

TCS as a function aims to secure the Corporate Quality achievement and provide top-level satisfaction without compromise—throughout the entire customer experience.

We do this by ensuring Company-wide Quality Activities that focus on four goals. Trust: Durability, quality and reliability are felt during every drive. Confidence: Our support system quickly and effectively responds to customers' needs. Expectation: Excitement is felt the moment customers enter our cars and experience the high quality. Impression: We continually strive to understand our customers' points of view and provide superior customer care.

If you want to work in an organization that will challenge you to take your Quality Assurance career to the next level, Nissan will go there with you. One of our key mid-term business strategies is to raise Nissan into the top class of global automakers in quality. And we're making solid progress. Join us.

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Sales & Parts / Services


Imagine Sales Power that is able to inspire the tempo of a new product launch every six weeks. That's Nissan's ambition. And we're nearly there. So you can imagine the need for talented Sales & Parts/Services professionals has never been greater as we enhance quality and increase our dealer network around the globe.

Our Sales professionals share our passion for setting a world-class standard of service that's based on an unmatched range of products and a commitment to building lasting relationships with every car owner. Sales careers at Nissan are focused on ensuring that all conditions in the field maximize sales growth and revenue generation.

This covers everything from generating new car sales volume to ensuring market share. Managing business relationships with private retailers and working closely with marketing are also keys to our success.

Our Parts/Services roles at Nissan, also called After Sales functions, are critical to the planning and development of new products, parts and accessories. These are the careers that ensure satisfied Nissan customers for life—supporting distribution of parts and services to Sales companies and dealers around the world.

If you have a passion for global automotive brands that boldly go where no other brands go, Sales & Parts/Services careers at Nissan can help you redefine your career. Join us.

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Marketing & Communications


No matter where your talents take you within Marketing & Communications at Nissan, you'll be assured of two things: constant change and cross-functional growth. Nissan sells vehicles and products under three brand names: Nissan, Infiniti, and (beginning in 2014) Datsun. And with our alliance with Renault, we collaborate with Renault, Dacia, Daimler and Samsung as well.

Marketing jobs are at the heart of the Nissan Power88 mid-term business strategy. A huge part of that "power" represents how we raise brand awareness with our customers and build lasting relationships with every Nissan car owner.

But Marketing is more than just advertising – it also encompasses pricing cars correctly against competitors, ensuring they have the best equipment levels and customer offers, and of course, innovating communications every day.

Communications careers at Nissan are bound to put your expertise into high gear with a relentless pace and measurable impact on the business. The core mission of this team is to develop and deploy multi-stakeholder strategic communications programs that drive employee engagement, build brand power, and support sales and loyalty.

That takes a broad spectrum of disciplines, including corporate communications, issues and crisis management, product communications, internal communications and digital engagement.

Innovative product launches and communications strategies are in high demand as we add to our growing list of products and over 60 different models. If you're seeking exposure to diverse global influences and the chance to help create a world-class standard of service, this is your vehicle for success. Join us.

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Finance & Accounting


Driving greater efficiency and innovation at every level of our global business is our passion. Finance & Accounting careers at Nissan are where this starts and finishes. Our Finance and Accounting professionals' sound investments and smart strategic actions are propelling us into the future of transportation, while ensuring accountability and integrity in everything we do.

Nissan's Finance professionals share a vision to deliver world-class services via an effective and secure operational environment. That means managing business risk, running efficient processes, and developing a lean, skillful and "learning" organization. It also means constantly adapting to changes in global market forces.

With a career in Accounting at Nissan, you'll ensure we're both in the black and in compliance with regional market regulations. Our Accounting professionals are responsible for in-house accounting & control; inventory control and service parts control; product costing and logistics; business planning, finance and accounting & process control; treasury and corporate governance; and tax and customs.

If you have a passion for numbers and an eye for strategy, we want you on our team. As one of our high-level Finance & Accounting professionals, you'll play a key role not only in Nissan's operations in your region, but also as a major contributor to Nissan businesses across the world. Join us.

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Human Resources


Nissan's success can only be as strong as the team of people who live and breathe its mission. Supporting over 160,000 employees doing business in over 191 countries and territories, our Human Resources group ensures the well-being, dedication, and high level of talent that allow us to make a positive impact on the world.

As members of our strategic teams, HR professionals at Nissan are key to achieving the goals of the global organization and balancing of the unique needs of individual employees, from driving our diversity initiatives to supporting the career mobility of a team that's expected to thrive in a cross-cultural, cross-functional environment that's in a class all its own.

These roles operate at the regional level and in all countries and entities, covering recruitment, talent management and careers, compensation and benefits, resources management, working conditions and industrial relations.

Furthermore, as a global aligned role, HR teams worldwide are working with each other for developing future leaders of Nissan. The teams are initiating holistic talent management approaches providing leadership trainings, rotational programs, and structured assignments, etc.

If you're ready to team up with a network of world-class professionals that is culturally diverse and constantly changing, Nissan is the place to be. In our dynamic workplace, Human Resources careers offer the kind of global scope and complexity that will allow you to keep growing at every step. Join us.

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Legal & Corporate


Nissan's Legal and Corporate Affairs careers offer a vast array of opportunities to ensure our business runs like a finely tuned engine. From our Intellectual Property and Corporate Planning positions to our V-Up (Six-Sigma) and External Affairs roles, these professionals serve as the ultimate guides to our automotive universe.

Legal careers at Nissan cover the lifecycle of our products, including work related to the products themselves (commercial, competition and distribution, anti-trust and Intellectual Property law) and to the corporate and economic environment (M&A, Corporate, Labor law, Finance and Compliance).

In our Corporate careers, Nissan professionals ensure the company runs in the most effective and efficient way possible through a diverse range of departments and functions. Steering the direction of Nissan's business as a whole, identifying corporate opportunities and risks, driving the mid- and long-term corporate plans, and setting environmental strategy are critical responsibilities. They also ensure the security of our workplaces and employees. They guide and lead our global PMO, providing tools and methods for issue setting and issue solving, and educating our global team. We also count on these top-notch professionals to improve the business environment in a way that benefits our business and builds trust with our customers.

If one of these roles sounds like you, we want to hear from you. Join us.      

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The innovative cars of tomorrow will deliver incredible performance and protect the environment. They may even virtually drive themselves. With our Information Systems / Information Technology (IS / IT) careers at Nissan, these innovations are starting today with zero emission vehicles and EV models like the Nissan LEAF.

We run many of the industry's smartest and most efficient vehicle manufacturing plants and one of the most complex global supply chains, too. It's all driven by people who know how to harness the immense potential of Nissan's technologies, incredible data, logistics, services and systems – people like you!

Nissan's IS / IT organization is split into four main functional areas: Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Research & Development IS (1); Sales & Marketing, Administration & Finance IS (2); IT Services Operational & Infrastructure (3); and IS Quality and Resource Management (4).

The aim of the IS / IT team is to deliver operational excellence in terms of processes and services to our business customers. These services include helpdesk / desktop support, network, and video conference facilities, as well as application solutions for production, financial transactions, marketing, sales and after-sales activities.

If you want to apply your IS / IT talents in a company that is ready to implement new thinking at every level, Nissan can connect you to a global career without limits. Join us.

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