At Nissan, we are committed to becoming the most innovative, trusted, and environmentally responsible car company in the world. To do this Nissan relies on two things: world-class people and innovative vehicles. The innovative thinking that has propelled Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to the forefront of the automotive industry, is also propelling the development of our most valuable resource…our people.

Today's business climate encourages, a culture of life-long learning. The Nissan culture, and leadership heartily supports this belief with a wide breadth of choices and opportunities for continued professional growth, through diverse development programs and training opportunities.

We recognize that you arrive with proven knowledge, skills and experience which will be actively enhanced throughout your career at Nissan. Nissan provides many Training & Development opportunities for all employees from new hire to seasoned professional, covering a wide range of technical topics and leadership skills from Coaching to Listening Skills, Problem-Solving to Project Management.

In addition, we offer many professional development activities including mentoring programs, assessment and feedback, and cross-cultural team assignments. All professional career development offerings are designed to continue the forward momentum of your career.

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Targeted Leadership Training


Most locations provide exciting Targeted Leadership Training programs that cover those subtle, yet critical skills, which truly effective leaders possess. Nissan partners with some of the field's leading experts and many of the most prestigious universities to facilitate workshops and training seminars to enhance your career progression. Some topics include Leadership Essentials, Building Trust, Change Leadership, Business Acumen, and many others.

Special Accelerated Development


Nissan provides unique Special Accelerated Development programs for high-performing employees. These special opportunities are multi-day, intensive workshops, which provide the opportunity to stretch and grow their own leadership skills in preparation for a future leadership role. Many of these intensive workshops provide follow-up development opportunities including assessment, feedback, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.

Cross-Functional Teams


Unique to Nissan, we offer the opportunity to work with others globally through Cross-Functional Teams known as CFTs. These special CFTs are focused on addressing special topics (i.e. Supply Chain Excellence, Monozukuri, and Quality of Management) and are composed with team members from a variety of different functions, multiple levels, and diverse experiences. These teams challenge the organization by creating a pipeline of transformative ideas with immediate impact on the organization. Each CFT uses Nissan's V-up (Six Sigma-type program) principles, processes and tools to identify bold, creative proposals, and solutions for decision and action.

Foreign Service Assignments


The Foreign Assignment program enables Nissan to use global sourcing of talent with less emphasis on hiring location, creating a diverse and collaborative work environment. Selected participants in the program are considered essential organizational investments to fulfill the following unique roles:

  • Perform operations where local staff do not currently possess sufficient skills and/or knowledge;
  • Perform operations against a backdrop designed to promote and develop a global mindset, global understanding and accomplishment in the assignee's career; and
  • Perform operations in an environment that will equip the assignee with cross-cultural experience, challenge abilities, establish a global network and enhance the assignee's worldwide business exposure.