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Get an outlet for your creativity and intelligence at Nissan Digital India. Help us innovate and drive change with great vehicles made to delight customers of a one grateful planet for all time.

6 Reasons why Nissan Digital India is the place to work!

Are you looking forward to work in a place that listens, appreciates and inspires you, where you can aspire to be a passionate student, a praised mentor, a persistent team player, and a better human being? The doors of Nissan Digital India are open to you.

Nissan is an automaker that has a legacy of nearly a hundred years. You can be part of a major transformation with shifting market demands and innovation-driven new opportunities propelled by CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) technologies and trends defined by changing customer demands at Nissan Digital India.

"Driving innovation to enrich people's lives" is at the centre of everything we do. Our sustainability plan aims to reduce the company's environmental impact, strengthen its diversity and inclusion, and enhance its governance. If you want to contribute to these larger goals, we welcome you.

The Nissan Ambition 2030, our long-term vision for empowering mobility and beyond paves the way for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world and lays out a plan for delivering superior value through exciting electrified vehicles and other technological innovations.

As a company, we believe in creating new value with unprecedented technologies that go beyond mobility to transform the way we drive and live. We respect freedom of expression, which continuously drives this innovation.

Thanks to our structured and transparent global team staffing, we ensure that the best talent is allocated to each project. Employees who are new get to learn from seniors with years of experience.

Choose to work from a wide range of disciplines such as software engineering, UX, data science, cybersecurity, and so on and experiment with modern technologies such as AR and VR! Leveraging our core strengths, we are prioritizing R&D and Management capabilities to increase value for our customers and deliver human-centric, cleaner and smarter technologies.

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Nissan Digital India gives accountability, responsibility and ethics the higher ground and encourages every employee to voice their opinions and contribute in the best manner possible to take the organisation and the community ahead. We cherish our immaculately maintained work-life balance, and we go to great lengths to protect it for every employee in our organisation.

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Cultivating kindness

The readiness to serve the community and our employees in times of need has been a necessary trait of Nissan Digital India. We contributed generously and aided schools during the Kerala floods. We also took steps to combat Covid by setting up a task force to help our employees, initiating a vaccine drive and providing them with insurance cover to help with medical treatment, while also arranging for necessary beds and oxygen concentrators.

Work also, Fun also

Nissan Digital India is a fun place to work as well, and work is not all we do! We encourage employees who go beyond work to hone their creative talents. We organised a photography contest where participants had the freedom to pick from a range of categories such as Christmas and New Year, the new normal and life during the pandemic, abstracts and patterns etc. Success is celebrated as are festivals and birthdays. Most importantly, we support a healthy work-life balance.

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Health with fitness

The health and fitness of its employees has been a focus of Nissan Digital India since its inception. Covid-specific webinars were arranged to educate the employees on how to deal with this pandemic. The leadership of Nissan Digital India is very closely monitoring the Covid situation on a weekly basis and is concerned of the employees’ wellbeing now and for the future. Apart from this, sporting activities, sessions for self-defence training and other fitness forums are organised periodically.

Believing in diversity

Nissan Digital India promotes diversity in the workplace and is a great place for women to work. The contributions by women have made a great impact on our organisation. We invited women to share their thoughts on working at Nissan Digital India and their words of wisdom in a short clip to celebrate Women’s Day. They were featured as Super Women at Nissan!

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Hackathons for developers

Through our hackathons, we regularly invite our employees to work on new ideas and to develop skills to design cutting-edge solutions or optimize existing ones. The hackathons involve multiple rounds and challenges from which ideas are shortlisted. A re-use Hackathon was held to promote the culture of re-use of developed assets leading to shortlisting of 10 great ideas from 150 participants.

Awards and Honours

We at Nissan Digital India periodically review and reward our employees. We have instituted several awards for collaboration, innovation in technology, path-breaking R&D and unique contributions to projects.

Culture at Nissan Digital India

Employee Testimonials

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Our ideas help solve hard real-world problems with creativity & innovation--and we're looking out into the world for more people who believe in this paradigm.

Our company has been growing at an accelerated pace as we continue our journey in digital transformation technologies that will change how people interact with their cars.

At Nissan Digital India we value learning as a life-long journey. It is our goal for every employee to be able to contribute with their unique skillset so they can grow into a better version of themselves and build an enriching career aligned with their dreams and aspirations. We work hard on finding new ways which allow people from all backgrounds get ahead together, while having fun doing something that matters to the customer, the very reason for our being.

Opportunities in Nissan Digital India

Experienced professionals

We are looking for passionate and experienced software engineers and solutions architects, Java programmers, technical leads, data analysts who have worked in the field of AI/ML, UX designers, cloud and digital transformation experts with a background in automobile and IT engineering.

Opportunity to grow

If you’re looking for a new challenge in an industry where technology is ubiquitous and ever-transformational, with the opportunity to grow and learn from some of today's brightest minds—we've got just what your career needs

Are you ready to take the first step, and do you have what it takes?

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