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Digitally transforming one of the greatest automakers of today.

Founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa in 1928, the Nissan Motor Corporation debuted with the ticker name NISSAN on Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nissan GT-R is the culmination of years of innovation at Nissan, beginning in 1933 that continues to this day.

As the future unfolds, Nissan Digital will continue to focus on new ways of working and on delivering today’s cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and making them work for Nissan with a 360-degree end-to-end digital solution.

Innovation and ingenuity have always been a part of Nissan’s DNA and Nissan Digital is paving the way for the future through digital transformation.
Nissan Digital, which was founded in 2018 embodies the spirit of Nissan and assists Nissan in its digital transformation journey.


Digital transformation at the heart of Nissan Digital

Our mission is to drive the power of product mindset and service excellence as a digital transformation enabler. At Nissan Digital, we are committed to

Embedding a digital mindset across the organisation

Delivering digital innovation and agile product development

Leveraging the power of data

Building a centre of excellence for digital talent

Catalysing new ways of working across functions and regions

Nissan Ambition 2030

In November 2021, NISSAN unveiled

A long-term vision for empowering mobility and beyond for a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world.

Nissan Ambition 2030 lays out the plan to deliver superior value by empowering journeys and society through exciting, electrified vehicles and technological innovations.

Nissan Digital is committed to bring to life this Global Ambition 2030 through its digital transformation processes and innovative solutions in the field of Engineering R&D, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Customer Experience and Connected Cars that form a backbone for the company’s dream of providing superior value and sustainable technology.

Our Milestones

Off the launchpad

Nissan Digital began operations in July, 2018. Nissan Digital took off on a journey to catalyse digital transformation for Nissan globally. A journey of discovery and change, to undertake technology challenges and grow to set the course for making Nissan a mobility company of the future.

Keeping inventory levels at optimum level

A statistical safety stock calculation tool designed & developed by Nissan Digital, was launched at Smyrna and Canton plants in Nissan North America, to right-size on-hand inventory levels of 19,000+ bought-out production parts.

Predicting demand made simple!

Nissan Digital assisted Nissan Motor Corporation to create IDEPT (a machine learning tool to provide demand forecasts). This was launched for the Japanese market in 10+ car models with 10% MAPE (mean absolute percentage error).

Digital Shop Floor management

Nissan Digital managed the complete product lifecycle for an intelligent daily management system, a mobile-enabled web-application that digitalises and standardises daily administration activities of shop floor supervisors at various Nissan plants.

Customer satisfaction and Retention

Nissan Digital set up a cloud analytics platform which allows Nissan global and regional after sales businesses to formulate data-driven service strategies helping Nissan monitor and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Creating a connected future

The Intelligent Mobility team at Nissan Digital developed a complex connected data processing product that is supported by AWS Cloud infrastructure. This platform is supporting data generated from legacy cars and modern generation connected cars from across three major regions - Japan, North America, and Europe.

Enhanced online shopping

The Marketing & Sales product planning team started creating processes to enable online purchases of new vehicles with features like 360 degree views and other tools to enhance the customer experience using Scalable Vector Graphics with Adobe tool suite and advanced Javascript frameworks like React Native, Node.js & AngularJs.

The road ahead…

With an amazing array of digital transformation projects added to the list of accomplishments at Nissan Digital the future seems even more exciting and full of possibilities. The team at Nissan Digital is gearing up to meet every technology challenge and present better, stronger and faster solutions with the goal of superior customer experience and a sustainable future.

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